Notes: First off, this comic isn't to ask for your pity. It's more of an explain what's been going on in my head of late with the updating.

Actually, this comic was probably more for me than anything. It's kinda odd, because in doing it and the next one I feel a lot less worse than I did when I first wrote them. It also helps that we had a post break up talk discussing bit of what happened which I really appreciated more than I can properly express. It changed the wording on this a bit from something around the lines of, "why she had to leave" to it's current state. And partly I do understand it, because not everything works out. At the same time though I'm still in a bit of morning for something good in my life which is gone now, never to be exactly replaced. But I have other things...

There's a weird aspect to how I wa writting this, because I felt the need to get this out as something just because this coic does reflect a lot of what's on my mind, and that I desperately need to get this off of my chest in every way possible for the next couple days. And that is sorta the first two panels, which are kinda off, but so am I at the moment. Panel three represents the joke that I always associated with if I ever mentioned that I did end up with a girlfriend. Panle 4 the thing that naturally followed now on a joke that just sprang up and after that the consequences there of.

And it was a wierd thing to happen to me, because it was completely spontanious, and vey strange becaus admittedly I am, and never suspected that anyone would be interested in me, and wasn't even particualrly thinking too much that I wanted someone either. It just... happened. It's ended somewhat similarly.

I think I end these comments and put this behind me now.