Notes: This is the comic that naturealy flowed out of my mind following the last one. I'm not sure why but this and the last one have seemed to help make me feel a lot better about things. Apperently when you lose one thing you love you're supposed to look for something else you do. And I love my comic.

Wait, I can't help but realize just how weird that idea is in this context. But no more so than I am myself on a lot of levels.

This is also somewhat a side of Jenny that we don't see much. But as I keep trying to establish in the main strip, she's not just a psychotic killer.

And it might seem like an odd thing to say to me, but it's sorta a family trait that we like to give ourselves into our projects. Sorta like this comic is to me.

Final of the odd short notes, I really like the second panel here.