Notes: I think that's going to be my titling convention for the rest of this matter. I'm once again hoping I haven't lost the match ups, though by now I think I've memorized a majority of them.

Anyway, it was really interesting pulling up my old files on 'The Cats Show' as I have it labeled. At this point I'm absolutely horrified that I spent quite so much time doing something like that. Still, in setting up this, I can see some of the amusing aspects of doing it again. And it is something of a time saver usually, since half the group is a sprite. Still, I'm glad not to be doing it anymore from the stand point of being a cartoonist who takes some pride in his work.

But onto things having to do with this strip itself. My orginal intention was for panel 6 was that the question should be posed, "Wait, who's running this interview anyway?!" Which might explain more explicitely why 'S wins in this. As it is she sorta wins both for talking her way around not simply just getting zapped, and for the more basic reason it seems of declairing herself the winner. But in all fairness the rules are vauge. Don't expect it to work again though. For one creativity does count for something.

Back to the point though, panel six, despite really being the point around which the rest of this was constructed, ended up having to be tossed out somehow, because it simply stopped making sence with the way everything else sorta took it's tones in the first few panels. Plus it seems to me that this current version is the more amusing of the two.

Drawing side of things, simply put this was fun. I don't usually have an excuse to do 'S in anything but the classic side bit that sorta rules most of my comic. Blarg, the problems with running a diolouge based comic. And having the mental hang up of usually standing around while talking.

But what really sorta makes this whole thing interesting to me is the sorta representation of having two of my people that have 'taken over' in my running of things when I've had other things up duke it out. In that sence it's not such a surprise that 'S wins, considering she's managed to stay in the game for over a year now, whereas Cats parely lasted a month. Staying power aside, she's also had more influence about what the comic's doing in the long term, whereas Cats, while radically changing things for a bit, didn't even manage to hold that together while he was doing it. Finally, 'S has always just been more interesting than Cats was. Which overall might be stating the above points in yet another way. I stop now.