Notes:It's interesting how this turned out. Actually, one of the bigger complications, as it were, was that I kept forgetting what Scientist Two looked like.

Look, I'm calling her that, and I'm standing behind it. It's a perfectly good name, given that you have no problem with calling someone by their vague job description, and that her last name just happens to be Two. But given the way I run everything else, that doesn't have to be that unlikely, does it?

Anyway, back to matter of using her. Somehow, while she's a fairly distinct character in attitude to me, she seems to be a bit lacking in form. Whenever I try and call up her image, I get an impression that goes along the lines of "Wears coat. Has glasses. Most likely hair as well" Which is really just as good a description for drawing me as anything. And it's weird, because she's shown up relatively frequently, and recently, compared to some people.

Anyway, if there's any one thing that this match shows, it's that things aren't always as horribly outmatched as they might seem sometimes. Granted, I have some powerhouses, but even they can be taken out in the right circumstances. Now, to say the least, I was really surprised to have Jenny drop out in the first round. She's one of those people that you'd expect to make it pretty damn far, given her abilities and lack of disinclination towards using them. But the thing is is that she is still fundamentally a little prone to running into things without thinking about them too much first. So, given she wants to stab someone, she's going to run up and try to stab them in the face. This, as you might expect, has something known as consequences. Which is sorta unfortunate for her, since she seems to run into these much more readily than most people in the strip. Back to the point though, this also shows that even given my tendency towards bias some of my favorites can lose in this. And frankly, when this got pulled there was little denying that Scientist Two just had the advantage of being extremely rational.