Notes: This is another one of those fights I would never have hoped for. It's insencible. They're not even ment to be in the same panel together.

Of course, bringing Joe back in general was completely reiculous. He's never been a complete character. When I was first making stories up with Adam, a fried from some time back, Joe was always his character. I tried to include him because he was an integral part of the stories that make up the the comic's origins, but by now I've moved really far away from that. And Joe has never gained any animation I guess because the person behind him just isn't around to play the part now.

Anyway, in the end I couldn't justify either of them winning. By default, I've sorta given Joe a level of invulnerablity. He just exists as a block. Beating up a block isn't easy, or productive. Of course, on the other hand, the Giant Angry Deer isn't likely to be defeated by that. Or bother to stay around fighting when it could be destroying.

Actually, the only likely plot I could thik of for this, given past events and not the actual definition of likely, would be the deer trying to step on him a lot and tripping and hurting himself. Over, and over and over again. That bothered me, and it got shouted down even more by the Andrew who was helping me decide these things. Of course I couldn't suport his premise that the deer would just crush Joe or comically knock him in the ground and thus win. So we declared an impass and just tossed them both back in for the next round like nothing had ever happened. Which worked out nicely since it made the rest of the rounds have powers of two for the number of matches they have.

And I reassure you, I don't plan on letting this happen again for them, or anyone else.