Notes: If you ask me, this is what the whole fight thing is about. Getting to have a match ups of such wonderful and unlikely to meet personalities as Shast-guy Shast, and Jimmy's Mom, who has no other name. ALso, it's an excuse to con another comic out of Shast, which is good, both because I don't have to do one then, and because they amuse me to no end. Namely, when he told me it was going to be odd, I reassured him, I'm Jess, I know what the hell odd is. Just look at Fiznik and Shouty.

But this actually physically stunned me. I mean, literally, I read it and just sat there staring like an idiot for a rediculous amount of time. This was imidiately followed by my grinning like an idiot for a silly amount of time.

I'm not sure what does it for me. The fact that it is just copy and paste, right down to stealing my fomate template, and even the stick figure, to the sprites, the modified sprites... it's realy something else, and filled with retro action, yo, having pictures from way back in the day when I didn't even ink things.

Then again, maybe it's just him shouting Shast-ish! I don't know. I... don't... know...