Notes: Wow, lot of ninja's had to go into this, though I sorta ended up implying a bunch of them seeing as it'd both crowd the panel horribly if I filled them all in, and well, drawing lots and lots of ninjas while somewhat amusing, gets old. Also, a pure plain of ninja's eventually makes it hard to differentiate individuals, which I wanted to do at least a little here.

Now, Santa Carlos Vs. the Ninjas seemed a pretty forgone conclussion. It might be tedious for Santa Carlos, but he does have a cutlas, and he is a ghost, so essentually, if he wants, this fight goes only one way. It might have been possible to simply bore him out of the match like that though. This solution I like much better, being both more proactive and more creative. Plus there's probably some poetic aspect to a priate sailing the high seas of ninjas. Or maybe there's not.