Notes: This was a curious one. Well for one thing I'm in it. It's hard to argue I'm not a major character in the strip. And the way things have gone in the past, it's hardly like I've always won when I did have fights with my characters.

But Pygmy and Navajo, for having once been key players, are out of my strip. And I have no reason to give them any excuse to get back in. It was mediocer for awhile, but those days have past, and it's time to move onto more interesting people.

The copy and paste thing is true. They come back from all the way in the day where as I apperently come from the future to be pasted, having filed these strips in an odd order to keep the fights all in a row.

It's hard to explain my antipathy to them. I mean it's level really. I think it's just because they're overall premis was that one was very tall, and the other wasn't, and they neve rgot past that and being evil really. And somehow that bothers me. Over now, and may they never be seen again.

Well, excet for in the form of Shast-guy Shast's head. I should try and keep track and see when his apperences outrank theirs.