Notes: This was perhaps the most questionable fight of whether it would happen. Someplace around a couple weeks ago I realized I'd forgotten to toss Lincoln and Hitler in the hat, and they have popped up quite a bit in their own way. Of course, this lest me with an uneven number of people in the round, but I figured I could always handle that by simply throwing Bob into the matter again. The general rule I came up with is that if there ever did arise an uneven number of people in a round Bob would go back in, because what's funnier than watching Bob get the crap kicked out of him? Actually, with this modification he actually doesn't have to show up again at all. Actaully, everything works out very well as a result.

Oh, I suppose I should mention that it also occured to me a week ago that Jigglypuff had also shown up twice here and in the one after that. What sealed the deal in that it amused me immencely. Also that a comic script popped into my head fairly immidiately, ad not too bad a one at that.

Ok, In case it isn't obvious, the special effects attack consists of being attacked by special effects signs.

Last thing I suppose; I have a favorite sign, namely the Bomb one. It comes from Mario 2 as what comes when you throw out a bomb. Amuses me indeed.