Notes: The first panel contains a bit of banter that I had to debate on a bit. The thing is, that my first line is a very natural responce to me, and Bob's Dad, being as good at being insulting as he is, isn't going to miss out at a poke at me like that.

It shouldn't take a lot of elaboration to say that I don't think much of the person that my Ex, Rebecca, is currently going out with. I tend to prefer to keep myself above bad mouthing people unnecessarily. To give a little justification behind my opinion though, so I don't sound like I'm being totally irrational, I didn't happen to think much of his not particularly caring it seemed that he was hurting his now (I assume) Ex. by going out with Rebecca without really bothering to end things with his old relation first. In my opinion this would seem like a very inauspicious thing to note in someone that you'd want to trust. To allow myslf one bitter remark though, perhaps it is a sign that they are ment for each other when one considers how Rebecca also used me quite similarly.

Enough about that though. So anyway, the whole matter of bringing this up, and usually prefering to stay away from my personal matters is why I might not have used this line, but it sets up things fairly well, and as before, flows out right in my mind.

The inexplicable part of this happens after this. Just remember, I, as Jess in the comic, am largely irrational on a lot of scales. I tend to play up these quirks in myself here. And my fear of centipedes is definitely one of those things. I can't be sure anymore, but back when I lived in house with them, I used o refuse to go into a room with one in it, even if it'd been there for days, and was more than apperently dead (excuse me for forming a doubt of deadness reflex with something wwhich keeps moving if you cut it in half).

How would Bob's Dad know this? We'll sy he has connections at the moment and leave it at that.

Finla note: You knew I had to lose this at some point, seeing as otherwise it's rather pointless to even do this.