Notes: Start off of round three, exactly 6 fights after this one and things are done.

'S vs Guy. Such an odd pair. Neither is quite a fighter. Guy has gotten here because of odd reasons each time. 'S is here for more dirrect reasons, though she seems to have written her way through most of her problems rather than actually fighting.

It would seem really that the winner here would depend entirely upon whether chance favors Guy again.

Then also, 'S is a deterministic factor in this universe (in that she determines how things happen as a narator) so it's pretty unlikely that 'chance' is going to be on his side.

I like the wording to this though. Originally I was gonig to have more of an agreement out of Guy in the last panel, but it is kinda irritating to be tricked, even if it isn't something you particularly want. And of course 'S does it anyway, since it she's smart enough to, and not bothered by a little showing off.