Notes: I'd been told by my editor that she'd lost track of who remained in the fights etc., so I tossed a little bit in about that. Fortunately it helps flesh out an otherwise fairly simple comic. Well, it doesn't add that much, but it's a bit more.

In an interesting twist, I think I've written at least 4 scripts for what was being said in this comic. One when I first penciled it, which I then lost. Another when I inked it, which again was lost. And since I did both of these so far apart from each other, and also from scanning, I had not the clue how they went anymore. Obviously not that well if they were that memorable. So then came the third with scanning it. It spent most of this complaining about the empty white void of the background.

This, to say the least, has been done though, in a variety of other comics. I might have my own variation, but I don't really feel comfortable with it, especially in a comic that's a bit of an anticlimax already.

So, fourth script. It's an interesting one in it's own way, since I hold a similar philosophy. When things get to the point where there's nothing sensible to do, I tend to just go with it and stop doing sensible things. Example: having to pack up and store my room a day before I leave and also before I'm even done with all my tests because of my dorm's over-break storage policy. Nothing like working in the dark since your lamps are gone, and your books, and your bedding and pillows for that night, etc... Led to me wandering around the dorm dressed... basically like I was insane. People wondered, but the world already didn't make sense, so why not? Similarly I have a mask in my room named something like 'gruh', for the basic reason that someone said I should name it (illogical) and then 'gruh' was the next half sound they made while thinking about it (an equally illogical method of picking a name).

Ok, have probably made myself seem strange enough for now.