Notes: Ah, one of the big ones. Scientist Two has shown herself to much more of a combatent than one might ave expected. But being smart, having the sort of resorces she does, and most of all being quite rational have all played well for her.

Opening this up, we get a look at both of these two when they're well prepared to do some damage. Jandice isn't terribly large by comparison, but one shouldn't doubt for a second at her ability to do damage. The robot isn't particularly inspiring how it looks, but then it's basically built for functionallity, and not for looking cool. Or stupid as the case may be.

Jandice meanwhile, in retrospect, looks a little like Super Sonic with her hair standing out. Then again, there's sort of a general idea of being filled with energy and having your hair stand a bit on end. Jandice isn't truly crazy in this. I have picture of her like that in my sketchbook. This isn't too far off, but when she's actually into it totally, well I suppose part of the difference is you'd never see her pausing quite this much, not to attack, not in dodging, not especially to make any commentary. I'm quite glad there aren't a lot of panels with her talking like even like this, because frankly I find her a bit scary like that. I can't decide if that's just knowing her from the inside out, or from just her eyes being particularly disturbing like that.

I have to say Scientist Two was a little sensible in picking a weapon in this. In attacking a point so realatively small, an edged weapon doesn't really help matters. With the relative masses, even a clip would send someone human sized flying. In this case Jandice, she's already flying, and she has some protection, but with the amount of leverage you can get with a big long stick, that might not count for much. Also a lot, lot better than a laser of some sort, unless you particularly like playing pin the tail on the donkey. Some wide beam might do it, but you'd have a hard time making that spread out enough, and still do anything harmful.

Continuing into a more detailed thing, so hopefully you've read the comic by now, it might have been inevitable that Scientist Two would lose giant robot vs. magic. I wouldn't doubt it. I'm sure she'd have hers as well. It might be that she has very little care about the city, though she's certianly shown more than Dr. Robofunkenstien, but it certainly makes a good ploy to get Jandice to hopefully not just use anything that simply equals death. Jandice might not be inclined that way anyway, we haven't seen her against anyone yet that isn't undead already though. Despite being related to Mr. Snodgers, she might not be inclined toward that thing. I'll state here and now she is more of a 'good guy' than he is. And, as sorta a druidish person, she probably values all life, even if it is human. Hence not simply blowing the robot up where it stands, in the middle of the street. Even in the middest of nowhere, the enviroment will be destroyed, and I'm pretty sure Jan isn't going to agree to deep space.

It's a little unfortunate that they both drop out like that though, since it probably would be a really cool fight for awhile. They're character's would both think better of it though unfortunately.

One thing, about the joke about weapons of mass destruction? I hope somebody gets that. I also like mass as a physics person, and happen to generally dispute it's destruction.

Well there's good uses of that actually, as well as bad ones, though it really doesn't go away per-say even then. Energy and Mass are simply equivalent. Sometimes they can be in more useful forms though.

It's not such a surprise that Scientist Two trys to pull a trick. As stated before, she's not ruthless, but she's well aware she's outmatched in this in terms of brute force. The problem is that she doesn't realize quite how badly she is. Jandice might as well be built to fight. This isn't to say that she can't lose, but even a cheap trick isn't probably enough to stop her. She's faster than is entirely reasonable, and, well, though it hasn't been in the strip yet, she's had to deal with a lot, so the term surprise isn't always aplicable to her. It's one of those problems with tricks. You can think they're clever right up to the point where it's reveled that someone's already tried it.

The taser has always worked before, but after years of wrestling with Narc, Jandice is probably still at the advantage.

Well, she is frankly. Being a scientist does not make you combat ready.

Unfortunate really. At least there's still some other skilled people that might potentially take her down. Don't want things to be too easy on anyone.

Final note: Wow, actual solid negativity from Jan in the end. How weird is that? I was surprised when that first crept in while drawing this, but she has had a number of her buttons pushed. Also led to some interesting character developement in my head for later. Curious how these fights have affected my preceptions of some characters.