Notes: Perhaps not the most exciting of ends to things, but it's hard to imagine a lot of alternative possiblities here.

The initially more likely one of those would seem to be the winner being Snodgers. This of course is rather problematic. Snodgers wins in one way so far, and that's by shooting his opponent. In the context of there being a group of children following the Rags group, that's completely unviable. For one, I'm not going to draw any such thing. For two, it's completely out of Snodgers' Character. While he's evil, in having raised one himself, I can't imagine him actually going out and hurting a child in that manner. It's rather beyond the scope of joyous evil to murder children.

I suppose it would be possible for him to just show them out, but again, factors. The police have caught Mr. Snodgers before. And given he wasn't paying any attention, it's not unnatural they did again.

Two more things to consider: FIrst of all, Rags is even stranger than Snodgers is, and that has to be worth something. He doesn't have a focus, but strangeness seems to be generally benificial to those that are, and so hurting Rags becomes that much more difficult.

The last one of course is that this also amuses me more than the other options.