Notes: Ah, the final comic. In here, since it's a humongous file, I should have an equally huge number of notes, all without the slightest hint of spoiler in them.

I'll talk about what the meaning of all this is I suppose for a bit. The orginial point to these fights was simply to give me something to do strips about while I was not thinking about other things, and also of course, that it amused me. And I was mildly curiuos who would win in such a matter.

It becomes apperent though that there's a couple of truly overwhelming characters in this comic though. And partly it's that it was written that way. People like Jandice and Snodgers are not only strong, but they also have a cundamentally lower level of constraint with the world than normal characters. They bend reality with an ease that makes what skill they do have truly potent. Jenny has this as well, though to a much lesser extent. She is in fact in some part bound to the world, and so does seem a lot more prone towards failure.

'S is another one of those people that just doesn't even seem to belong in this leage. She's far from a combatent, but when it comes to a willingness to use cleverness and author powers to get what she wants, there's not a lot out there that can beat her. And she has a couple of trump cards that most people don't even know about, but those wouldn't even be relivant in most cases. To most, she could even just resort to breaking their mind.

Oddly enough, I don't fall into this catagory so much. In part, it's that I play favorites. I'd let whoever I prefered to win to beat me. And also, I do have my weaknesses, and it's hardly as if the cast hasn't beaten me before.

Guy would be the last case of someone odd to beat. Simply because you don't beat up Guy. It doesn't happen. He's the observer in the strip, and if people started hurting him, then he'd leave. And that's just not allowed to happen.

Oh, and I guess the Giant Angry Deer is pretty scary too.

Anyway, the interesting thing to come out of this are the people that aren't in these groups that managed to get pretty far in. Sometimes it's luck, like with the quite oppisite case of Jimmy fighting Jandice right off. Scientist Two made it pretty far for all that she is a minor character in the strip.

And the fact is that some of the exposure that people end up getting in these fights will probably influence how much they show up later on. Scientist Two got an opertunity to show she's a pretty interesting character to watch.

Moving on to this particular fight now.

This is a surprisingly long comic, considereding all that happens in it. I suppose that part of it is just to drive home the absurdity of it all. Of all the people to make it to the end... well it's a lot of people.

The logic behind this entire matter if you hadn't noticed is that the shear illogic of this actually manages to break 'S's mind. Not only that these people had made it, but that they just wanted dirrectins out. And that they'd even managed to take out someone serious. All the little side comments certainly don't help to add to the sanity any, though they fill out what would otherwise be a pretty empty strip.

The end I particularly apreciate. In a normal person, the nothing might mean something, though after some though, maybe this particular group would apreciate it after realizing they'd done nothing for it either. But in Rags case I don't even think it matters. I'll have to find an excuse for him to show back up. And the Police. And possibly the children, though the plot I've worked out with them is a little strange so far. Jigglypuff... maybe. And Kismet. She'll be back. So maybe thet do win something.

Odd. I was thinking of redoing 'S's hair if she won. Probably for the best that's not the case. The idea I was tinkering with to make it a bit lighter yet was turning out a bit odd.