Notes:I rather like it when Bob rants. It's so... coherent. Or not as it were. Enjoyable though. I should give him more reasons to do it. Of course that would eventually lead to my own death, but that's already happened once in the strip, so no biggy. And of course that would require that Bob succeed at anything.

Possibly the weirest aspect of this entire comic though is that this is one of the few instances, perhaps the only so far, where Jenny and Bob have been in the same place and not ended in him getting injured by her. Maybe it's just an aspect of them being in So, where relations do tend to be a little bit different than they turn up in the main strip. Well, for one Mr. Snodgers and Jimmy rarely interact in the main strip, but they've had their moments here. Um, plus the whole thing with the narrators being characters in this context.

Still, it makes for an odd image in my head to have them all hanging out together, though perhaps as the younger segment of the cast that's appropriate.

BTW, needless to say, the explosion in panel three was so big that it's sound effect couldn't be contained in it.