Notes: The story behind this comic is that I've found myself being unprodeuctive on a number of things because I've just been feeling bad in general (This strip really explain vaugely why, though there's other issues also involved which I don't feel the need to get into). The thing is that I have a couple of things to tell me that sitting around and feeling bad is not really a positive thing to do, one of which is my own intrinsic sence that I do have better things to do in my life, and generally curious attitude. The other thing that tells me this is my friend Kate, who I feel the need to mention for putting up with me so much, and then having the sence of mind to push me back towards socializing with other people.

So anyway, 'S's lines can be considered sort of a conlgomerate of those two, with me playing essentually myself when I feel like getting bitter again now-adays. I mean, everyonce in awhile it gets to me, because I feel like there's one more thing I could have done, or something, but it's rather past the point of relivance. I do consider myself a realist, and there are other things I need to be doing.

Not that that always works just thinking that, but that's why people like Kate's existence is useful.

I'm trying to figure out if there's anything useful left to say about this comic, but I'm pretty sure that's it.