Notes: In case you missed it, the first time this happened was right when the Power Puff Girls Movie came out. I enjoy the Power Puff Girls, and thus this was something of an event for me.

Now this comic personally, was just me feeling like wandering back into the style momentarily, and having a script pop out of it. The thing is though, it's not easy to do their style if you haven't been practicing, so things aren't in tip top condition all the way through. Still, I really find it cute.

Another leason out of this version is that 'S makes a really good looking power puff girl, whereas Jenny doesn't seem to wear it so well. In general I think this would be the case because the white dots in the centers of her eyes, generally wound up smaller and more sinister looking, and her irises are much darker, perhaps a bit too much so. She's pretty dark in general.

And 'S might seem to be being a bit meaner than is typically her stance in here. That bothers me a little, but at the same time, she tends to be a bit mocking towards absolute negativity, so that's not so out of charater.