Notes: If by any chance you like that mug you can buy one here. No, I don't get anything for this, I just happen to like the mug and someone asked me while I was still in the begining stages of this comic.

When I did this one I was feverish, and I wasn't thinking straight for this comic strip and was aware of it. Fortunately I'd done most of the real work before. I still had to do the diologe for the first few panels, since i usualy leave set up to inspiration.

To say the least, it's a good thing I didn't put the first draft up. My mind must have been writing via algorithum at the time because even when I looked over it later that night, I realized that it was filled with all sorts of cliches. Worse yet, I had a somewhat startling tendency to repeat myself so the phrase "Actually, ..." showed up 4 times in the period of 2 panels.

However, even f I was able to notce these things, improving the script wasn't exactly an option since I was still in somewhat distracted state of mind. I ended up just finding everything that bothered me and deleting it. Admitedly it solved the problem, but at least in the third panel, dialogue seems a little sparse as a result.