Notes:Jenny and 'S. Yet another odd combination. Mostly in that 'S is almost always reserved a bit and also fairly definitely self controled, if also smart enough to talk her way around things. Jenny is possibly the most impoulsive character I have, and she's mostly into going straight through anything that gets in her way. She does at least manage to show here that she's not totally stupid and unable to come up with any reply to 'S. Not that she's clearly showing herself quite as well though. And of course her impulsiveness shows itself in how she's defending this whole matter, in that she feels the need to defend it at all.

It's a weird match. I suppose one question might be why Jenny doesn't simply blow 'S up. Answer: She's irritable, and in the right circumstances not too weak of stomach for violence, but she's not a cold blooded killer, and she's not so random that it'd be a light thing for her.

Besides, either benig in the right or wrong of things here, she's likely to know that I'd be non-too-happy if she blew up my co-author.

Weird random thought: At one point I didn't even have female characters. It's odd then that this comic is nothing but two of them. I'm not sure that's happened before. No, wait it has, but only with Jandice and Jenny... The only other combination being Jandice and 'S that is. Or perhaps something with Scientist Two if that ever came up. Just something really preturbs me in drawing this. Maybe that it would be absolutely lower paneled than a lot of my comics would be, since neither of them is that tall. And maybe that Jenny is the tallest now, and 'S isn't so far behind anyone.

Final note is that you may have noticed 'S is now back to her thinner lined and thus lighter hair which I always intend for her, though I am not always contientious enough to use the pen for.