Notes:Still no violence. Surprising no?

This is honestly going someplace, though being myself I have to dwadle over all the silly little options that come up while I work through my ideas. And Jenny's revilation is actually a little past the obvious. It's also a little insight into the fact that 'S is very much in charge of things in a lot of ways, and that she tends to not to take well to anyone who chalenges her on anything. And she does seem to look down on people a bit.

The last bit of this is of course completely silly. But then, part of Jenny's even getting introduced to cartooning was to encourage silliness. And of course, in the matters of running things she has had me as her tutor. So what more can you expect. And besides, she's seen me prevail in some ways before depite being insane. Being yuong and impressionable, who's to say she wouldn't try it out, especially when it doesn't seem like doing anything sencible is likely to work anyway.

This could lead to a queston of what she would do if she actually managed to succeed. What happens to her personality then?

And it is really fun to draw her in such a silly get up. My shirt is huge on her. But at least the glasses work. I'd keep her like that, but there's other things to do really.