Notes:Hmm, Jenny seems less cute out of 'S's cloths, but it's really pretty inevitable that has to end though. No matter how cute they ar, they still aren't her normal choice of things. Taking things off takes awhile visually, in terms of the panels it'd take to draw it, and I skipped over that esentualy, since it wasn't really necessary, and I didn't feel I needed 8 panels of cloths changing before I got around to the next thing, nor to just have her inconcistency her way out of them, though that would actually work in her case I think.

Anyway, the question is in this one that once you have all the options in the world, how do you choose between them? I mean, even with the constraint they be evil and creative, what do you do? Actually, how to you choose something evil and creative and interesting to do. Evil is so responsive unless you have so master plan. Just going out and doing 'evil' isn't easy unless you take known paths, or do something completely random, and neither is really that creative. Attacking Broadway with flying hippos may be new, but being completely random is not so much. So how do you decide on a drive beyond just to do something evil? Doing something you know works.

How to make that creative then... a little more tricky.