Notes: You know, when I think about it, putting bunny ears on Jenny is yet another way of making her cuter. Not so much true for Bob though. No one loves Bob though. Except of course at least one of my fans.

The color's a little different in this. I could just ignore it and put everything in the normal gray scale, but somehow the ears are so out of place to begin with, they become even more so when they're also the only color things in the comic. The only problem is that while my scanner does color, it doesn't always do it particularly well, especially with a thin line like that, so the brown is pretty black, and the purple pink turns more of a violet. In all of these I've photoshoped them a little bit to try and make them a little more true, but this one I let myself, at least with the purple, try and just a little more. Can't decide if I went to far. Probably doesn't matter to anyone else in the world other than me.

Sorta like how I spent an hour moving the words around using photoshop since when I first wrote them out, I'd accidentally left one out. And that I cared about that. (Despite time complaints during other parts of this year, I don't have much to do over thanksgiving, unless I want an early start on my final projects). I like how they all became a little more cramped together though in that then. It makes them that much more vehement and violently shouted. I honestly don't think I've sworn this much ever in the strip, or even tried to make things sound this bad. It seemed appropriate though. And of course because I hadn't used it so much before, it's not quite so meaningless now I could only hope. Anyway, this does break with the theme of comics without violence associated at all with them, that's been sorta running throughout this series. I suppose it's inevitable really with the return to the evil theme that Jenny's going for. Eee, that's just... bad. I think I can leave that at that.

Final note, while Jenny's a tough girl, she's also not entirely stupid, so while the option may be open...