Notes: This comic developed oddly. It started out by beiung written with 5 panels worth of diolouge in it. Then I shunted off the last part and threw it in another comic, at least in my notes. Then I miss read my notes, and ended up shoving the entire mess into 4 panels instead before rereading the notes and noticing I didn't have to do that. I did the next comic, but found the end didn't really fit as a begining, and so it sorta drifted back into the first comic again. I finally go around to actually writting all the text within the actual context of the comic, and found that it actually was alright like that, and in fact, it helped keep things from moving to slowly perhaps.

Then I added just one more line to it, because I could.

There's a couple of transisions I'm not totally happy with at the end now, but overall I think it does get the point across. It might simply be a case though where the art needed to have been done accourding to the finished product, rather than the origial conception.