Notes: You know, gfiguring out the angles for all that tracing was surprisingly difficult. There's something weird about having to figure out how someone's connected to something that they're similtaniously pinning down. You'll notice her switching hands, but that's simply because she rather needs to free up one to be able to draw the other. Interesting, I think this is also the first time we see Jenny from a complete profile.

It's a strange solution to the problem I have to say, but somehow it works in my mind. When you have a problem of having something drawn on your head, just draw another head for it to be attached to.

Moving on to the end, this is one of those plot twists that I would like to imagine no one forsaw. Not that there was anything like hinting that it would happen, but it's a neat little twist in things. Of course it does mean I'm drawing a lot of Jenny with my favorite Purple-pink pen. I'll confess I have a thing for doing that though. Not to mention with using huge letters. Give me an excuss to use them and I'll cram in as many as I legibly can.

Hmm, final note, just something of a preview of this character, you might notice the only one distressed is the Jenny who is not Purple Bunny Jenny.