Notes: One of those perks of being in your own comic is that you actually get to say those egotisitcal naratorial things out loud. Of course, your characters will still make fun of you, but they're just figments in your head, so who really cares.

Of course, the place you're saying it 'out loud' is also a figment in your head.

Anyway, if it isn't apperent already that AIEE! comes from the last comic. And yes, Jenny is terribly freaked out by having made a purple bunny version of herself. This happens from time to time. Two very seperate times, but two times none the less. Or something like that.

As for 'S... We'll see how she deals with Jess as Seņora Evil.

Incidentually, there's not a real reason for me to be returning now instead of earlier, but this works for plot reasons.