Notes: In this comic I finally get something out of me. A lot of this is based off of conversations with my one really verbal fan. The whole 'S is mean thing too.

But the fact of the matter is she's never seemed that way to me. Half the time she's grinning as well, and mostly we just play off each other for punchlines. She's a little more serious, and straight than I am, but she's hardly mean about it all. She might use words to get around things, but that's hardly mean in itself either. It's not something I hold her to.

So Bob gets to play that fan here.

Another one of those odd comments I got from him is that he kept thinking that I was introducing my GF into the comic with each female character, and frankly, 'S stands as the most valid option of that (though she in fact looks nothing her) being neither sixteen nor being the mother of said sixteen year old.

I really don't like the idea of basing a character off anyone living outside the comic. Simply for practical matters. The person outside will change in a different way than the person inside. And further, this places the person outside inside of my head, to run around with everyone else. It's a little disconcerting, and can at worst be quite inconvient depending on what happens in the outside world.

In the end, there's a couple of things I might not rather say in this comic, not even liking to associate this much with the term pussy whipped, and further going back into the matter of the Ex now, almost a year later. But then, the punchline just amused me too much.