Notes: Rather a talky comic that doesn't bother too much with the excuses for it.

The one thing I really would like to say outside of this is that, yes, as a writer it becomes painfully difficult to keep it clear who's talking when you have more than two people trying to talk at the same time. With two, you just switch back and forth. With three you can also establish a pattern, but if you do, then any time you break with it, you're going to confuse people. And while having things like "Said the doctor" or word bubbles, or lines to indicate these changes are there to make these things clear the raw pattern of conversation fails to hold up in it, and so it can seem contradictory, or horribly awkward, because to make it absolutely clear, you end up with a lot of crossing lines or, ballons, or names. Add in the additional difficulty for cartoonists of how to devide up space for three people and the words they use, and you might notice why it is that it's unusual that you have more than two people talking in a panel.