Notes: It's a curious thing when you need to make a transition and at the same time don't want to particularlyplace too much time on either the begining or the end of it. In this case, I'd rather not have yet another comic largely made of me and 'S talking, but at the same time it's a fact that what happens after this is a little unit within itself. It has to happen in it's own time, though it's nice to at least give some warning that I'm shifting focus. This was somewhat mediated by having another view point that was worth glancing at, but if I devote two panels to that, then it seems a little bit odd that I then move on to the one that I only have one panel about.

The result of this then being panel three. Honestly, it would have helped if there were more characters involved in this plot. Of course, regardless of this I got a feeling that Jan wanted to be in this comic somehow. That she had no place in it really didn't matter. It's an odd things how I sometimes just feel like my characters want to do things, but it's often the case. The question was really how then, because anything that occured to me happened to be terribly random, and while random is good, if there's no particular clue as to why random things happen, then the sort of order to the universe breaks down. That is, if I let things be completely random, then there's no reason to expect things to even follow a logical squence, and while this might be convient, in that I no longer have to worry about coherency, it's a bit of a pain as a humorist, because I can no longer lead you into expecting things, and then pulling the wool over your eyes.

Of course, I've done a good amount of surreal humor in my time, but I'd rather not have this comic wholy drop into that with this comic. It's funny at first, but frankly when you're not expecting anything coherent to begin with, the effect deminishes a little.

And that is precisely how much I fret about the implications of exactly one panel of my comic strip. Logically, for this amount of worry, I should produce absolutely perfect strips every time.

Obviously this is not the case.

Anyway, so while this is a bit random, it pulls itself into at least some form of coherency by making itself a referance at the same time, and fortuatously one slightly better than whatever movie than has been the latest to come out. Thhat's another speil, but it's rather unfortunate reading through the archives of something when it makes referances to 'current' events.

Hmm, final note: Is Jenny self-centered, or do things revolve around her enough that she's actually justified in thinking that her personal problems take precidence?