Notes: You might well ask how Bob could mistake Purple Bunny Jenny for normal Jenny, to which I respond, how often do you really question whether one of your friends in a costume is really your frined or just osme horrible copy of them?

I find Purple Bunny Jenny is an interesting character, if only because she's completely ignorant to certain aspects of the world. Partly these are social things she should know of people that she intacts with and partly it's just the very concept of suffering. You can view her as one of the characters from the brief comic of the past. From a world completely free of harm, and thus unable to understand how one could ever cause another such. It's unimaginable, and so unconsidered.

It makes an interesting point to me, that despite not knowing anything about what she's doing, she probably does more lasting harm here than normal Jenny ever has.

And I suppose there's always the question of why Bob would be taken in to this at all. It's not a good thing when an author feels the need to justify something that happens in the comic, outside of that comic. It's almost always better to have that again, happen in the comic, or even better, not need to happen at all, but I'm fine with this the way it happened, but I realize some others might not be.

Simply said, when someone says something like that in a certain way, with contact and complete sencerity in everything, then even being sensible, things start looking odd. You might not completely go into it, but given you aren't expecting them to try minipulate you emotionally, then you have to wonder a bit. And if you are lonely, then there's the hope, which is horrible to lose.

It's also interesting that part of this is Bob's fault. It's not like she's saying that she doesn't view him as unique or lovable. He's requiring she does it of him exclusively though. Which is perhaps not unreasonable from some mindsets, since it is perhaps a different thing. But she only knows to offer the same love that she has for everyone else, and not that there's anything else that someone might want.

It's a curious problem made from a diffence of mindset, rather than out of anything completely a fault of either.

Art wise, this comic continues to amuse me by the interaction of the different colors. One problem is in this was the trying to make the happy eyes. Oddly, I realize I have very little practice with this. Huh.

Last note: Punchline is partly taken from a friend in the past.