Notes: And some days i don't have a lot to say in comics. It's curious how much work it took to make this entire thing work out, since it kept fluxuating between taking too long and not giving enough time to things to make them work.

Anyway, if I have to admit to one personal flaw, I might as well go with sometimes not taking things with the seriousness that they should be, resulting in things like panel 3. Not everyone takes that very well. Of course, I'm not really even certain what the hell "Fix it!" means.

Curious to think of the number of times I've heard that phrase, but that's another story.

Also, I'm not even certain how to react to there existing a purple bunny-eared version of one of my characters.

I'm anticipating moving towards someplace else in the comic, because dealing with really upset characters tends to put me in a bad mood.

This is all very fragmented, but there's not a lot to say on any of these subjects. Last comment willl be on art. It's curious how difficult it turned out to be to do the last panel, and give it the right feel of surprise and just sheer frustration for me and Jenny respectively. Partly this is because I'm not used to drawing Jenny with her chin turned up, so the first few tries just didn't work. I also ended up having to fight against my mental sterotypes that Jenny doesn't very often do things out of frustration as out of anger, which while related, aren't the same emotion, and I am rarely surprised so much as I'm... bemused, or in life, appologetic. I don't know if I've actually ever actually achieved that latter one in the comic though.