Notes: I can't say what really inspired this. I seem to be having some vaery weird ideas lately. All I can say is that at some point the name Stabby McStab popped into my head and this is what followed. After about a week a chanting the diolouge of annoying guy on the right(AGOTR) for about a week me and Shast were well ready for me to get it out of my system. If only it hadn't been replaced by the song "Lobster Magnet" which is equally strange. A curious part of this is the fact that after a lot of reflection, there simply isn't any sort of diolouge that could go in the last panel. Anything either breaks the sort of silent nature of Stabby McStab, or seems rather odd, him just having killed AGOTR. Somehow silence doesnt seem like a proper punchline to me by nature, but it's what I have.