Notes: 200 comics. Who would have ever thunk it? I mean, daily comics go through markers like this like crazy. But it's good for me and having stuck to it.

The individul comic fits the mood of looking at how I've ended up deciding on how to do it. It's a bit different I imagine than most people's, but I like my relationship with my characters. I can sit down mentally sometimes and just talk over what's going on with them.

it makes the strip a bit more difficult sometimes though. It can mean that I can have Jenny set off on a chain of events that results in her having bunny ears, and then having to deal with the fact that she's now a serious character with a really goofy appearance in some ways. It makes it so I have to explain how they got there to anyone new to the strip, and that's not an easy thing.

But it's the way things work. I sorta nudged them that way without thinking about it, and that's where they ended up. I can still nudge things I guess because I exist there, and play the random factor in things in a random world. Still, they act on their own. And it's quite fortuatous that that they're amusing.

But don't I at least make them? Well, they also seem to pull themselves into existence, or I pull them into existence the way they are because it feels like _this character_ needs to exist.

Weird, no?