Notes: This is one of those weird biographical comics. 'S's reaction is approximately what I've gotten from everyone I've mentioned this matter to. I suppose I simply hae too high a percentage of female friends to really make of some things that other would.

Anyway, I've been questioned a bit on the Mayonnaise thing. I'll be the first to admit it's icky, but what practical role does it have in sex? Honestly, I have no idea. I blame the now dead, but previously wonderful comic "The After Life of Bob", which kept mentioning mayonnaise, surran wrap and copper tubing as something to do with the deed, or a particular variation of it. Or maybe it wasn't mayonnaise, but it managed to scar my young mind all those years ago with that wording.

Then again, if you name any sort of topping, it seems bound to be able to be twisted in that way. Mayonnaise just has the advantage of being white-ish.

And now I'm done talking about that forever.