Notes: It's hard to believe I have a teaching job, even of a limited scale. It's only a part time job, but too exciting to have passed up. It's something neat to try out, even if it's also nerve racking as hell, since I want to do a good job of it.

Anyway, the comic is simply a bit of an animation of a particular example used from today that really seemed to have an impact on a kid. I liked that, I'm not sure his mother did so much when he told her about it first thing when she came to pick him up. It's a good feeling though to know you've said something that someone wants to carry along with them, regardless of what it is. It's sorta like the amusement that my favorite line from S-sub-Not #98 managed to make it's all the way around Vassar campus only to return to me months later on someone else's lips.

Anyway, we'll see if anything else creeps into the comic from this. I'd hate to make them too much of the unknowing subject of my work though.

Continued goal though: not to be like _any_ of the teachers that appear in this comic.