Notes: It's occured to me in doing this that I actually write comics backwards in almost every sense.

It starts with writing them, and usually having the key line be someplace at the end. Then there's penciling the panels out of order, and inking the from bottom to top. The final part is solidly nailing down the wording and what I want to say in each panel.

And it seems when I look back, that what would normally e the punchline appears in the first panel. And after that is is the developement.

I can't decide at this moment if this a style, or a real observation or just something that drifted through my head

Anyway, I really don't like light little parallel universe things. Anything on the scale of, "look now there's reverse gender versions of us!" never to be revisted again. I mean, it works for a gag strip, but it's a shame when there's so many limitless options to just go with the evil twins from another universe or whatever plot.