Notes: A little bit of knowledge is an interesting thing. That's perhaps the best summery for this.

I'e always found it interesting though that one tends to end up in extremely different universes when travling between them, rather than ones that are almost exactly identical in every way, except for where you last set you coffe cup, or something else equally irrelivant. I suppose all things are equally likely, so one might end up in universe where matter never came into existence either.

But of course, the comic implies that the number of particles in a universe gives us a scale of how many parallel universe it produces. This would in turn imply that universes with more particles would become the most likely ones to come across. And now I will try and figure out if there's a way to create particles in the universe using the knowledge I have. (There is off the top of my head, but those will still act as one particle after they come into existence, in that the way one acts will influence what the other does regardless of how far apart they are. Or maybe I shouldn't even try to explain that.)