Notes: 3/05/2010 update:
Looking back I feel the need to make a note here. This is not a good comic, and not something I'm proud of. It's one of those things that's easier to joke about before you have much experience in the world and realize how classless it is. I suppose I could take it down or alter it, but I think I'll leave it up here as a reminder to myself that I cannot claim to be some purely virtuous person.

Orginal note, which is also quite bad
It's a curiousity to me that neither of the two comics that are taking place in this strip were very strong on their own. My elaborite plot to kill George W. while he was in Spain was a bit much to devote a whole strip too. My saying that we were going to try to do the Moo thing over wasn't something that would fill a whole strip. Yet they lend together to make a fairly interesting strip. Perhaps to wrongs do make a right in this case.