Notes: It occures to me that I define 'narrator' slightly differently than most people might.

I use it in the comic as a synonym for 'author' as in the person has every right to write in what the want for the comic. I tend to stay with narator though, because Author implies a little more power than I want them to have, and also tends to make them not be chacters. Narrators show up inside the work themselves, simply by talking. They also, even though they sorta define the world, are usually not so much known as the one's pulling the strings behind characters. You don't imagine when the narator talks about what someone's doing that the narrator is litterally forcing the character to do that. That's the author.

Now, given that my people that run the comic live in the world, define it, and explain it, besides having something of a personal life there, and there's a general pollicy that people define themselves in the comic, it seems to me to make much more sense to call them narrators.

End explination.