Notes:If you don't understand this title, then I'm sorry, you never will. Explaining it just won't do it.

Anyway, there's one major continuity error in here that I shouldn't ponit out, but it really bothers me. I have no idea where those letters go in the 4th panel. I suppose they might have gone back to wherever they came from since they sort of jumped out of my head and onto the paper without any sort of fore-thought. It's a wonderful thing when a comic changes even a I draw it. This might be part of the reason I put off doing it so much, rather than doing it sometime in advance. The other part might have to do with laziness, and the fact I just got my SNES working again. But it's all good.

If you've ever wondered why I don't letter these things my self, you can see an example of my penmanship in the 3rd panel sign.