Notes: It's interesting. When I look at the notes I made for this comic, there's almost nothing in the way of diologue. Most of that did a good job of writing itself later. Maybe not so odd, since I do things like that at least half the time, but it was less a problem than it usually turns out to be.

Why do I only sketch out diologue though? Well, as things turn out, it's usually influenced by fluctuations between what I intend to draw, and what comes out.

Anyway, regardless of what else is to be said, fire does always make things more interesting, if only because it similtaniously acts as a moving bright light source, tapping into the visual center of our brain, and our danger center.

Lastly, since I have a sicky note for this which I've found and can't recall the use for, The Greek word gymnasium means "a place to be naked"

Interesting, no?