Notes: If the 'Other' doesn't makes sense in the second panel, here's the explinaiton that wouldn't fit. This means 'Other' in the sense of something being like you, but not part of you, one of the necessities of sympathy. Without it, I might be confused as to why you get so upset when I poke you in the eye. It was hillarious to me.

As you might gather, people don't entirely seem to get this sometimes.

This would also mean I'd be confused by things like "that looks like something that's mine, but is actually yours". As you can imagine, this can be a bad thing.

Again, people don't seem to entirely get this sometimes.

I'm not saying that children are horrible, or even that I don't like them. It's just every once in awhile you encounter people that seem entirely out of touch with reality.

Or maybe this is some part of my brain that was infected by watching "Captain Planet" late at night again. There are few things I truly hate in the world. That show is one of them.