Notes: A lot of things to say on this one.

First of all, if it isn't appearent, there are cell phones in our hands in panels 1 and 4, so we're not just talking oddly to ourselves.

About the comic now:

All these are panels of from possible comics I've thought of doing about this subject. In the first, we have my girlfriend, Jodi, who also took part in the event, being the first one to be told, and a bit confused about it, since some people refuse to use proper nouns. The second panel is my attempt to try and talk about it through some other characters going through it. The third panel was from more a mormoial comic. It sounds silly, but I really loved that car, even if it did have things going wrong with it.

So yeah. Someone decided to sell my car while I was on vacation. There is not a good response to that. It would have been nice if they'd asked first. Or, you know, just taken it into the shop like I'd asked.

Anyway, to say the least, I'll be cranky for the next few days.