Notes: Dole Whip, for those that don't know, is a particular type of soft serve ice cream, made by the pineapple, Dole. It's typically pineapple flavor, though a couple other fruits do appear. It tends to be softer than normal soft serve ice cream, without being quite so melty. It is also delicious.

Ironically, neither of us decided to get any that day.

Anyway, I seem to have this weird thing where while I'm talking, people give no indication of having trouble hearing me, and a the same time, no comprehention in the slightest of what I'm saying. At one point I even adopted saying 'Affirmative' and 'Negatory' as a means of at least being able to convay positive and negative to people without having to have one or two confirmations.

To be fair though, in this particualr case, both of us were working off of about 6 hours of sleep, right after an hour to the airport, another going through security, and 5 and a half on an airplane.