Notes: This is my last comic based on my vacation I believe. This is actually true though, and the third panel is actually a quote from the trip. I wasn't entirely thinking at the time. I usually don't even bother with that sort of thing, but for some reason I mix up east and west a lot more than I do north and south. I'm not like a living compass, but once I've established some orientation, I can wander around for hours and know where I am relative to where I started, and at least a couple mental landmarks I've placed since then.

It's curious, in that it's not a visual thing, and I couldn't tell you the names of streets to save my life. Regardless, though, there's a little arrow in my head telling me which way to go.

I do sometimes get upset with people not seeming to see that they're so obviously going the wrong way though, sorta the same way most people would be if someone kept walking right into objects that were in plain sight.

This is the second comic I'd ever done via crow quill, rather than conventional pen. I still like using it, though I probably benifit from having worked long enough with less picky pens first to built up the wrist.