Notes:This comic is largely inspired by a Family Circus that I saw recently that was esentually the first two panels of this comic. Now I don't read it much or any of the sunday funnies for tat matter except if I'm extraordinarily board, and feel the need to have something to be bitter about for the next few hours. As I almost always do, I read it then, as I almost always do, promptly took the offending comic to Shast to rant a bit that there are people making money off writting things that are not only not particularly funny, but are also rehashed to death. There isn't even any variation with tihs joke!

But anyway, sometime that night I had an idea to paradoy the concept. And I wrote it down. And then I lost the envelope I wrote it on. But luckily I tend to remeber comic ideas. So I don't have the problem mentioned in above strip much. But I do suppose I compensate with my tendency to make typos and sometimes having ideas for notes dry up spontaniously.