Notes:After finishing this I can't help but feel a little immature about doing this in reaction to ReadyHosting. I mean, I'm not working under magic illusions of how the web works, and that everything should be easily repaired 15 minutes after the damage is done. But considering I couldn't even access my old site 6 days after it initially went down, I can't help but wonder what, if any, precautions they took over there.

Anyway, this strip started with that premise and ran with it. Actually this is rather different than the original, partly because of ideas about what is diplomatic to say, and partly because I decided to bring back the crew from S0 #5: The comic having nothing to do with anything. Rags, regardless of whether he's in his older or younger form, as he's been appearing in Mr. Snodgers's Neighborhood, pretty well takes over any strip he's in. The strip has really become less about ReadyHosting and more of just Rags being himself. I can live with that. It makes for a better strip anyway.