Notes:I feel bad on some level for doing this since I'm not really all that sick now. Not at all for making fun of the possiblity of bioterrorism. Mostly this is based on sitting down at a table with a newspaper left on it recently and reading through it briefly because I'd forgotten to bring anything better to read. I don't mean to sound like I don't care about what's happening, but newspapers typically piss me off through a lack of objectivity. Especially now. Anyway, this wasn't a lot different, so the process of reading it involved getting 2 paragraphs into something before throwing it back at the table, then getting bored again and trying a different article. One on bioterrorism kept me for a longer than usual, if only because I had to think about it longer. Eventually it ended up getting the typical reaction from me though. Admittedly, we might not be as prepared as we could be for such an event, but the way they're treating it was completely panic inducing. Talking about it as something that is both inevitable, probably soon, and that your average town is completely unprepaired for isn't helpful. It's also worth mentioning that you're average home doesn't come equipped with a fallout shelter, so we're all screwed if someone decided to nuke us.

Anyway, enough of this for now. Current rant has inspired next week's comic so I'll stop now so I don't spoil it.