"So remember kids! If enough people are killed in you're country, it all right to murder people completely uninvolved!"

Notes:Ok, this comic is based on my general irritation at the fact that we've killed 4 UN workers, and even more, that this was justified in the number of people killed on Sept 11th. I mean considering the numbers out show that we've killed 75 people total so far, you get the statistic that 6% of the people we've killed are working for the United Nations. Everyone else in Afganistan, though, is obviously a terrorist.

You have to wonder what that sort of thing might do to opinions of us around there.

Anyway, this irritates me far too much to talk about further so I'll move on.

For being rather unplanned there's a lot of stuff in this comic that can be interpreted in more than one way, with all the ways I've come across being correct with what I wanted this to be so far. Which I find nifty, and wish I could do on command. Now if only I wasn't so irritated generally. It's a shame, I really enjoy this comic but about 5 seconds later I'm in a bad mood again.

Warning, at this point I get real political.

Oddly enough, this is also not the comic I had intended to do. That was looking more at the idea that we're apparently going all out against a highly trained and orginised terrorist group equiped with box cutters. Oh yeah, and Anthrax. If you can get you're hands on box cutters to highjack an airplane, lord knows that getting some Anthrax is a breeze.

Anyway, that's not a point I feel like getting on particularly now. I actually still have problems with whether we actually have evidence that Bin Laden did this. I mean I've heard that someone has this evidence, but I certainly haven't heard anything about it other than it exists. In it's current state, it's suspiciously similar to a political strategy known as "The Big Lie" whereby if you tell a lie big enough, then you don't have to bother explaining it. A classic example would be to say you have some sort of damning evidence against someone and then say that you're not allowed to reveal it to them because of national security. You can't convict someone with that, but it does throw suspicion surprisingly well considering you have absolutely no evidence.

This situation is similar in that if we take it simply at word value that we have evidence of a connection, to Bin Laden, but can't reveal it at this time since it'd damage their sorces. Benefits 1) increased public support, 2) if it is actually true that he did it it'll lead to a bit of disorganization in his ranks with the suspicion of a leak, or even if they didn't, whether someone above them did it 3) you can always 'find' evidence after his death to reveal to people then.

Now I'm not a real hard-core conspiracy theorist, but it sometimes bothers me that people don't even question these things. I mean, people were saying he did it for sure based on no evidence minutes after it happened. Somehow this just rings wrong with anyone crying out that we will get justice.