Notes:Moving on from politics I let life go back to it's normal randomness. I'm tempted to go on a bit about us bombing a red cross building, but I don't really see it as worth it. I'm just going to have to stay away from television and newspapers for awhile.

Well, I really do have a break and a road trip for it. Not with Snodgers and crew, since their all completly fictious, but none the less it's been amusing. And I suppose it could be argued that Mr. Snodgers at least is with me, producing evil thoughts in my head now and then. It's not unusual for me to look at things and think about how my various characters would react to them, but he's just been cropping up far more than usuall of late.

Annway, notes from actual trip so far are limited to the fact that Vermont is nifty in every single way, and my impression of Maine so far has been the immidiate desire to leave it, dampered only by the fact that I have a love affair with the ocean. If I could just stay near it forever I'd never be bored.

However, it's still a fact that I spent 3 days wandering into it, one of which I was fairly distracted by the ocean, ad about 5 hours taking the same route out of it. I think I've hit higher speeds in that state than I've had reason to anywhere else.

New Hampshire also has been note worthy, if only for it's suppiority to Maine, and it's supply of motto's, making it possibly the most S0 like state I've been in so far. Things like "Live free or die", which gives me mental pictures of killing enslaved people, and have below seatbelt signs something like "Common sence for all", which I wish I'd written down now. Such is life though. I also wish I'd gotten a picture of a "Got Guns?" billboard I drove by once. The point being though these people apperently love to add little motto's to their stuff, and I love it, though if I were in charge they'd be worded a bit more oddly.